Over the past few days, a Kurdish political prisoner jailed in Orumiyeh beaten severely and injured by two guards during a visit to the prison clinic.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) Saturday 16 May, Kamran Jafari’s name from Ward 13 of Orumiyeh prison, with several other prisoners were written on the list to go to the prison infirmary due to their illness. But during the visit to the clinic two authority guards, Rasool Ghanizadeh and Behrouz Gholizadeh, have been omitted Jafari’s name from the list without giving a specific reason and they asked him to go back to his ward.

This political prisoner objected to the offensive behaviour of guards because he was waiting a few days for being visited in clinic and the two officers beaten him with Baton on the pretext of rudeness and transferred him to solitary confinement. After a few hours he kept in solitary confinement and in spite of the illness without being sent to the infirmary, he was returned to the ward.

The political prisoner in June last year, had been summoned by the  special Office of Intelligent service based in Orumiyeh prison. But because of the illegality of this summons, he refused and later, they were transferred him to the office with the use of force and beating. The officer from Intelligent service based in Orumiyeh prison has threatened Jafari that he would face a new case regarding his commuting in the political section (section 12 of the prison).

Kamran Jafari, Kurdish citizens of Orumiyeh, was arrested in 2015 after a month in solitary confinement in Orumiyeh security detention and Orumiyeh Central Prison and was released on bail until the trial. He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Orumiyeh on charges of acting against Iran’s national security. The political prisoner’s sentence was commuted by the appeal court to three years imprisonment.

Kamran Jafari arrested on May 95 to implement three years in prison and was transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison and he is now in section13, the youth section of the Orumiyeh Central Prison.