On Jan 1, 2018, one of the Baloch prisoners Birjand Central Prison was transferred to solitary confinement cell after a clash with another prisoner and was killed by the head of the Prison Special Guard with electric Shocker.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that On Monday, Jan 1, 2018, Abdul Rahman Naroui, son of Abdul Hamid from Zahedan, was transferred to solitary confinement with a number of other prisoners for punishment following a clash with another prisoner of ordinary crimes of ward 105. He has been in prison in charge of drug offenses at Birjand Central District for 9 years.

Upon becoming aware of the clash, Ahmed Ansari, the head of the Prison’s Special Guard, hit this political prisoner by the electric shocker in the head and chest in the solitary confinement in front of several other political prisoners. As a result, Naroui became unconscious and he was transferred to the prison’s clinic where it was confirmed that he had lost his life.

The head of the prison’s special guard and the medical staff at the prison’s clinic prepared a report in which the cause of death was heart failure. Upon contacting the prisoner’s cellmates and becoming aware of the incident leading to his death, the family of this prisoner have asked for an autopsy to clarify the main cause of their son’s death.

Other detainees who have witnessed the beating of this Baloch prisoner in solitary confinement have announced that they were prepared to testify against the prison officer in court.

According to the latest reports, the dead body of this political prisoner has been transferred to the Birjand Forensic Medicine and it has not been delivered to the family until now.

Abdul Rahman Naroui, 30 years old, was arrested 9 years ago in Zahedan for alleged crimes of drug offenses and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.