A group of Sunni prisoners held in Rajaee Shahr prison Hall 36, ward 10 of the, have gone on an unlimited hunger strike in protest to their situation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) obtained that, 35 prisoners have started their hunger strike since Tuesday, July 16, 2019. They are protesting to the small size of their room, the lack of facilities such as cooking, telephone and short airtime. The strikers are demanding to be transferred to a larger salon with proper facilities and said that they would continue their strike until these minimum demands are fulfilled.

The current place of these prisoners is only two rooms that do not have the capacity to accommodate this number of prisoners. In addition, during the intense heat of the summer, prisoners are allowed only two hours of airtime per day. Prison authorities have not paid much attention to prisoners’ demands for changing their conditions.

Rajaee Shahr prisoners are detained in 3 separate halls. The hall 21 has 7 wards with a population of 36 people, Hall 21 with a total of 21 people and a Hall 36 with a total of 36 people.

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