Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that prisoners held at Saqqez Prison have protested to the “exile of several prisoners and cancellation of short-term furloughs on October 7 per the order issued by the Chief Justice of the Kurdistan Province,” and as a result, the protesting prisoners have clashed with the the prison guards who confronted them.

“The clashes between the prisoners and the Saqqez prison guards began at 09:00 am of morning on October 7 following the prisoners’ protests against the exile of several prisoners which followed by the prison guards attacking the prisoners with batons and tear gas which led to the injury of several prisoners,” a source told the KHRN. 

“Although the head of Saqqez prison has met the protesters and asked them to end their protest, the prisoners have rejected to end their protest unless the concerned prisoners would be returned to the prison from exile, furlough rights would be restored and the families of prisoners would be treated with respect in the court and prison,” added the source.

The state of emergency was declared at Saqqez Prison to which a large number of anti-riot forces have been deployed which has raised a further risk of clashes between the protesting prisoners and prison guards at any time.

The Saqqez Prison has four wards for prisoners of ordinary crimes and a special ward for military prisoners, with a total of 400 inmates.