Well-known Iranian peace activist Mohammad Memar Sadeghi was transferred to Evin Prison to serve his one-year sentence after reporting to the Enforcement Office.

Mohammad Memar Sadeghi was reportedly detained by the Intelligence unit of Islamic Republic of Guards Corp (IRGC) for 16 days in 2017 for his activities at the Couchsurfing Website dedicated to Hospitality and Tourism Services.

Sadeghi was tried on charges of “propaganda against the state” and “disturbing public opinion” at Branch 15 of the Islamic Revolutionary court in 2017 where he was sentenced to one-year in prison. The ruling was finally upheld at the Branch 36 of the Tehran Court of Appeal in September 2019.

Sadeghi was providing free accommodation to more than a thousand foreign and Iranian tourists since 2010 until his arrest. He had travelled along the border of Persian Gulf from various routes, including Iraq and Afghanistan, by various transport means. He publicized these trips under the motto of ‘From the Sea of Friendship to Peace Gulf’.