A young prisoner, Shahin Mostafavi, has been severely beaten by two prison guards on the pretext of protesting the quarantine situation and food at Bukan Prison. The prisoner suffered fractures in several areas as a result of torture, and his condition was reported to be critical.

On the night of July 17, 2020, a young prisoner named Shahin Mostafavi was severely beaten in the prison yard by two the prison guards, Ahmadian and Kazemi, when protesting to the quarantine situation and quality of prison food, a well-informed source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

According to the source, the prisoners suffered the loss of a tooth while his nose and platinum that had previously been in his pelvis due to a previous fracture were broken. To date, prison officials have refused to file the prisoner’s complaint against the two quarantine guards.

The two guards had previously been accused of torturing and killing another prisoner named Salar Mohammad Omari in June 2016. The family of this prisoner filed a complaint about the prison officers for ‘murder by beating’ but the Orumiyeh court finally acquitted the two officers of charge despite the Forensic Medicine confirming ‘beatings’ as the cause of death.The source further stated that Shahin Mostafavi had been deprived of medical care in the past few days and he was still being held in harsh prison quarantine conditions.

Mostafavi is from Saqqez, a resident of Buchan, was arrested about two weeks ago on charges of buying and selling alcohol.