Kurdish political prisoner Adel Makram who ended his three-day hunger strike last week with the favourable promise of the authorities of Orumiyeh Central Prison to follow up on his demands, has been on another hunger strike since yesterday.

He had staged a sit-in opposite the police officer’s office in prison yesterday after he handed over his hunger strike letter, but he was transferred to solitary confinement a few hours later.

Adel Makram was arrested and imprisoned after being deported to Iran about 11 months ago and his status is still uncertain. On October 4, the political prisoner went on a hunger strike in protest his status by sewing his lips. Three days later, he temporarily ended his hunger strike with the promise of the authorities and the judge supervising the prison to consider his demands.

He has been charged with membership in the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran and “illegal exit of the country”. Adel Makram and his family’s enquiries regarding the status of his case have been ignored so far.

Adel Makram Azar was arrested by Turkish security forces last November after three months in Turkey while registering his asylum application and he was deported to Iran. He was held for 20 days at the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in Khoy and the prison of this city before being transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison.