Prisoners for ordinary crimes in Orumiyeh Central Prison have attacked and beaten the Kurdish political prisoner Nayeb Hajizadeh in the main hall of the prison on 27 June.

After prison authorities came to the hall, they transferred the political prisoner to solitary confinement under the pretext that he allegedly “insulted the [supreme] leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Hajizadeh, who comes from Orumiyeh, has been serving a sentence of 10 years and one day in Orumiyeh.

A source that spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said that after the prison officers’ intervention, Hajizadeh returned to the ward for political prisoners. After an hour, another fight took place in front of the prison guard office between political prisoners and the two prisoners that had attacked Hajizadeh.

According to this source, after the director-general, the head, and the head of prison protection arrived, the prisoners for ordinary crimes have claimed that Nayeb Hajizadeh insulted the leader of the Islamic Republic, and that is why they beat him.

The source further said that one of the prisoners for ordinary crimes was transferred to the prison infirmary.
Security forces had arrested Nayeb Hajizadeh on 8 October 2019, along with four other civilians Kamran Ghasemi, Keyvan Rashozadeh, Omid Saeidi, and Abdolaziz Mohammadpour. They had taken him to the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence in Orumiyeh.

After a month of interrogation in the detention centre of the intelligence ministry, these civilians were transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison.

Their trial was held in December 2020 in Branch 2 of the Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court. Each of the five was sentenced to 10 years and one day in prison on charges of “acting against national security” through membership in the Komalah.