Iranian troops of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have intensely shelled the Kurdish Shaho Mountain and other areas in Kermanshah province, Kamyaran and some other villages and neighborhoods over the past few days, a local source told Kurdistan Human-Rights Network (KHRN).

The troops bombarding those areas had been deployed in the area just recently, according to the KHRN source.

A local eyewitness also said that “the IRGC sent reinforcements from Lorestan province to three newly established military barracks Chalaweh, Hanieh and Zelneh since the beginning of this Spring, and the security atmosphere has since been tightened. The dins of the shelling are so loud that can be heard from the far from the remote villages.’

The witness said that “in the past few years, IRGC forcefully evict Kurdish civilians from their homes in the villages so they use the village as military posts in their war against Kurdish guerrilla fighters and Kurdish political armed groups. And, the people who dare to protest are quickly harassed, bullied and silenced.”

Thousands of hectares of forests are set ablaze by the bombardments and constant shelling by IRGC, and it leads to outcry among local Kurds and environmental activists.

The source said that “the IRGC tries these measures to force local Kurds to join the troops of the Islamic Republic of Iran against their own people, and this is a big problem. This is also the reason why there are so many military drones flying in the sky of the Kurdish mountainous areas and Shaho Mountain.”