On Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017, following the report about a vehicle with four members of one of the Kurdish parties crossing Chaldoran border point, the forces of Hamza Seyyid Alshohada Base in Orumiyeh targeted the vehicle without giving prior warning to the passengers. All the six passengers in the vehicle were all killed.

The following day, Tasnim News Agency published the announcement of the IRGC Hamza branch of Orumiyeh about the actions of a terrorist group in West Azerbaijan. “This A terrorist group affiliated with Global Arrogance at Chaldoran border sneaked into West Azarbaijan province on Wednesday evening and killed two local people. The Operation Team of Hamza Seyyid Alshohada Base who were present in the area pursued this terrorist group and an armed clash happened between the forces and the terrorist group.”, this announcement read.

Over the past few days, Kurdistan Human Rights Network has interviewed several local people in order to find out the details of the shooting which resulted in the killing of two citizens, as published here for the attention of the public and human rights institutions.

“On Wednesday evening, Oct 25, 2017, a vehicle (Peugeot Pars) belonging to a Azeri citizen known as Saeed Ismaeilyar (from Tolkı Tappeh Si village of Maku in Chaldoran) was targeted by the forces of the Hamza branch of the Orumiyeh army. “One of the Kurdish citizens living in the area told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Saeed and a Kurdish citizen (called Majid Dalai Milan) were in the driver and the front seat respectively while four members of one of the Kurdish parties had sat in the rear seats. The vehicle was identified and targeted by the IRGC forces without prior warning.” the source said.

According to the source, all four passengers in the car and the driver Saeed Ismaeilyar were killed instantly and Majid Dalai Milan who was severely injured. The injured passenger has been first transferred to Beheshti Chaldoran Hospital before being transferred to Orumiyeh due to the severity of his injuries. But unfortunately, he also lost his life during his transfer to the hospital.

“Following the killing of these two Kurdish and Azeri citizens by the Revolutionary Guards and fearing the protests of the local people, the IRGC contacted the families of these two citizens and informed them that their family members had been killed by four forces of one of the Kurdish opposition parties. The IRGC department claimed that the IRGC had been deployed to the region after and killed the four members of the Kurdish party upon being informed of their presence in the area.”, the above source added.

“The scenario to cover up the murder of these two citizens was created by IRGC who delivered the dead bodies to their families a day after their death in order to prevent the protest of local people. The bullets in the dead bodies of the two citizens clearly belongs to the IRGC. These bullets have been removed from the forensic records by the Intelligence Department of IRGC,” one of the family members of Majid Dalai, Milan, told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

“The families of the two afore-mentioned citizens have been told that they would be considered as Martyrs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and they will be supported by the Martyr Foundation. However, the families are insisting that IRGC have killed their loved ones and that the perpetrators of their murder should be prosecuted and punished. “, the source concluded.