Following armed conflicts between one of the Kurdish parties and the border guards and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps at Chaldoran border point in the past two weeks, at least six Kurdish citizens have been detained by IRGC Intelligence Office

According to the reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), IRGC troops have raided the houses of a number of Kurdish citizens in Maku and Chaldoran, beaten and arrested at least 6 Kurdish citizens on November 7 & 8. The arrested citizens have been transferred to Maku Intelligence Detention Centre.

The identity of six of the detained citizens identified by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) is as follows.

1- Bahman Brouki Milan, 25 years old, son of Ata

2- Mohammad Khalili, 26 years old, son of Abdulhamid

3- Kamal Heydanloo, 40 years old, son of Kamal

4- Khales Heydanloo, 30 years old, son of Reza

5- Edris Heydanloo , , 35 years old, son of Kamal

6- Ghazanfar Heydanloo, 27 years old, son of Ahmad

On Friday, Nov 3, 2017, at “Baba Nur” Chalderan 8 Iranian border guards were killed in the clash between the forces of one of the Kurdish parties with the border guards. As a result, citizens are living in a state of fear and terror due to the strict security measures enforced at Chaldorn border area following the afore-mentioned clash.

Earlier, On Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017, the forces of Hamza Seyyid Alshohada Base in Orumiyeh targeted the vehicle of an Azeri citizen. Two local citizens and the four other passengers of the vehicle, who were members of one of the Kurdish parties, were all killed.

The headquarters of the Hamza Seyyid Alshohada Base published a notice and claimed that the two Kurdish citizens had been killed by four members of one of the Kurdish parties. Then the IRGC forces have identified and killed the aforementioned four members of the Kurdish Party as the murderers of two local citizens and killed them in a clash.

Several Kurdish citizens of Maku and Chalderan have previously told KHRN that this scenario to cover up the murder of these two citizens was created by IRGC who delivered the dead bodies to their families a day after their death in order to prevent the protest of local people. The bullets in the dead bodies of the two citizens clearly belong to the IRGC. These bullets have been removed from the forensic records by the Intelligence Department of IRGC.