According to the report received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network, on Thursday night, Sep 14, 2017, a 16-year-old teenager called “Asra Mirzaei” ended her life by hanging herself in her house in Baharestan area (in Saqez) due to family problems.

The remarkable increase in suicide rate in Saqez has led to a wave of worry among people. Only during the past few months, 10 people have ended their life by committing suicide.

Many experts believe that nowadays Iranian women are more aware of discriminations against them due to access to various resources such as higher education, the Internet, satellite, etc. However, women are still deprived of many righteous privileges due to socio-economic, legal discrimination and cultural constraints. This situation has disappointed many people (particularly women who are more likely than others to face the consequences of the above-mentioned constraints). As a result, the rate of committing suicide, especially among women, has remarkably increased. Although attempts are made to show that psychological and individual factors have led to the current situation, the experts believe that the socio-economic and political policies of the Iranian government in general and in Kurdistan in particular in addition the traditional beliefs of Kurdistan community play a decisive role in driving people to suicide.