Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): The status of two Kurdish civilians knownas Zahra Mohammadi and Iran Rahpeykar still remains uncertain as they are held by temporary arrest warrant in Sanandaj Correctional Centre while the political prisoner ‘Sahar Kazemi’ deprived of the right to leave and conditional release.

KHRN has been informed that Zahra Mohammadi, a civil activist and a member of the Nozhin cultural-social association who was arrested by security forces at her home in Sanandaj on May 23 2019 and is now held at the general ward of Sanandaj Correctional Centre, still remains unclear.

Iran Rahpeykar, an activist from Mariwan who was arrested by security forces in Sanandaj about 45 days ago and was transferred to the quarantine of the Sanandaj Correctional Centre after being interrogated, is also still under temporary detention.

Sahar Kazemi, who was arrested on Aug 9, 2018 and sentenced to 20 months of imprisonment in an unfair trial, is reportedl still held the Sanandaj Correctional Centre without the right to leave and the possibility of using conditional release.

She was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment by branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary court of Sanandaj on charges of acting against national security in February but her imprisonment sentence was reduced to 20 months by the Court of Appeal.

Sanandaj Correctional Centre is located in Sanandaj, Lashkar Square 28. The women ward has a quarantine section, a general section with 30 beds and a small room for youths.