Zeynab Jalalian, a Kurdish political prisoner in the quarantine ward of Qarchak Prison, has been on hunger strike since this morning. Her request is to be returned to Khoy Prison or transferred to Evin Prison.

The political prisoner, who was transferred from Khoy Prison to Qarchak Prison on May 10, has also announced that she would go on a hunger strike in the coming days if she was not being transferred to Khoy Prison. She was recently diagnosed with coronavirus and also wants medical treatment outside of prison.

A source familiar with Zeynab Jalalian’s condition expressed concern about the critical health condition of the political prisoner and the carelessness of Qarchak prison officials: “Zeynab has been suffering from coronavirus for about a month now. During this time, she was taken to a hospital only once and, after being examined and tested, doctors said that She has to go through a recovery period in a stress-free environment with good hygiene and healthy food while receiving treatment. Otherwise, there is a possibility of irreparable damage to her respiratory system.”, the source said.Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network has learned that Soheila Hijab and Sakineh Parvaneh, two other Kurdish political prisoners in Qarchak Prison, are still on hunger strike. Sakineh Parvaneh and Soheila Hijab have been on a hunger strike since June 15, demanding their transfer from Qarchak Prison to Evin Prison. Sakineh Parvaneh was transferred to the prison’s medical centre yesterday due to her physical weakness.