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September 3, 2019

Detained Kurdish Author Deprived of Medical Treatment and Conditional Release

Ali Baderkhani, the detained Kurdish author who is spending the last months of his three-year sentence under harsh conditions at the Orumiyeh Central Prison, is still deprived of medical care, furlough, and conditional release. A source close to this Kurdish author has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that the health condition of this prisoner was critical.“Ali Baderkhani has been suffering from kidney disease for...

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April 16, 2019

Kurdish Author Still Deprived of Medical Treatment at the Orumiyeh Central Prison

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN):: Ali Baderkhani, the detained Kurdish author who is currently held at the Labour ward at Orumiyeh Central Prison contrary to the principle of Separation of Crimes, is suffering from kidney disease and prison authorities have so far denied his frequent requests to be transferred to the prison's clinic. A source close to the prisoner has told KHRN that Baderkhani's health...

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August 23, 2018

The Latest State of Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Kermanshah and Orumiyeh Prisons

Farhad Ariaei and Ali Baderkhani, two political prisoners at the Orumiyeh Central Prison, ended their hunger strike after the prison authorities promised them to take positive steps towards fulfilling their demands. However, Mustafa Bagheri Asnah and Seyed Ardeshir Mousavi, two other detained cultural activists who have been on hunger strike since Aug 8, 2018, are still on hunger strike. According to reports received by Kurdistan...

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August 21, 2018

Ali Baderkhani, Detained Kurdish Author, Severely Beaten by Several Other Prisoners

Ali Baderkhani, a prisoner who went on hunger strike for 7 days on August 7, 2018, in protest to not being transferred to the political prisoners' ward in addition to being under the pressure of prison authorities, was beaten by several dangerous crimes prisoners who were provoked by the ward authorities. In this regard, an informed source has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN)...

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