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December 15, 2021

Iran: Three Kurdish political prisoners go on hunger strike

Three Kurdish political prisoners, Keyhan Mokarram, Nayeb Hajizadeh, and Ali Mohammadi-Moghaddam, went on a hunger strike in Orumiyeh prison on 11 December. Mokarram has gone on a hunger strike to protest the non-implementation of the double-urgency parliamentary plan regarding his case, which would reduce his prison term. Hajizadeh's hunger strike is a protest against authorities denying him access to medical services. Also, Mohammadi-Moghadam went on a hunger...

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October 13, 2020

Kurdish Prisoner on Hunger Strike with Sewn Lips at Orumiyeh Central Prison

Kurdish prisoner Ali Mohammadi-Moghaddam went on a hunger strike on Saturday, October 10, in protest to the enforcement of his release order made by the Tehran Military Court being sabotaged. The prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement after going on a hunger strike. However, despite the forensic medicine reports and a history of dozens of suicides attempts in prison, he is still being held in...

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