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July 18, 2017

Deprivation of a Kurdish Political Prisoner from Furlough Led to his Mother’s Heart Attack

Ayoub Asadi, the political prisoner in his seventh year of imprisonment in Kashmar, was supposed to be granted a furlough on a bail of 250 Million Iranian Tomans but Kashmar Prosecutor's Office opposed to his sick leave. His mother had a heart attack after being informed about the opposition to her son's leave and she is currently hospitalised in Hamedan. Kurdistan Human Rights Network...

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May 19, 2017

Insulting and Humiliating a Family of Political Prisoner for Wearing Kurdish Costume

In the last two days, Ayoub Asadi's family, a Kurdish political prisoner, travelled from Marivan to Kashmar to visit their son in prison. But each time, the prison guards and Kashmar's Court were referred them to a different excuse. According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, on April 27, the families of Ayoub Asadi, attended the Court in Kashmar after visiting their son in prison...

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