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September 22, 2019

Kurdish-Turkish Prisoner Transferred to Iran’s Orumiyeh Intelligence Detention Centre

A Kurdish-Turkish citizen, who had been transferred to the Orumiyeh Central Prison after two months of interrogation at the Orumiyeh Intelligence detention center in late August, has now been transferred to the Intelligence Bureau for “further interrogation,” a source aware of the case told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN). Hatem Ozdemir, a Kurdish citizen from Turkey, was arrested on 2 July 2019 following armed...

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November 16, 2017

A Detainee Released on Bail / Two other Citizens Arrested in Sanandaj and Dehgolan

Last week, a citizen of Sanandaj, who was arrested following street celebrations in support of the referendum for Kurdistan Independence was released on bail while two other citizens were detained by security forces in Sanandaj and Dehgolan. “On Monday, Nov 6, 2017, Shahram Babaie from Sanandaj who was arrested on Aug 25, 2017, was released on a bail of 100 million Tomans,” An informed source...

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October 9, 2017

A Kurdish Citizen of Turkey Sentenced to a Five-year Imprisonment in Iran

A Kurdish citizen of Turkey who had travelled to Orumiyeh to visit his family in May was arrested by security forces and sentenced to five years of Imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh on charges of cooperating with one of the Kurdish parties. “In late June, a Kurdish citizen called Rahim Turgut residing in the city of Gever (Bakurê Kurdistanê/Turkish Kurdistan) was arrested by...

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July 20, 2017

Iran: Two detainees transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison

During the past few days, two citizens from the Kurdish town of Shno (also known in Farsi as Oshnavieh) were transferred from the Intelligence Ministry detention centre of Orumiyeh to Orumiyeh Central Prison. "On Tuesday, 11 July 2017, two Kurdish citizens including Farooq Sharvirani and Ali Arasteh were transferred to the Prosecution Office of Shno Court and then to the Orumiyeh Central Prison after completing...

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