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June 27, 2017

Iran: a Kurdish Kolbar was injured by Iranian border guards in Sardasht

Iranian border guards attacked a group of Kurdish kulbars (Border Couriers) around the village of Kani Zard of Sardasht city today morning and a Kolbar was severely injured. On Tuesday morning, June 27, Iranian border guards targeted a group of Kurdish kolbars around the village of Kani Zard of Sardasht city a Kolbar from Nalas with the name of Zerwar, was seriously injured by being...

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June 23, 2017

250 Activists in an Open letter Protest and Condemn killing of Kurdish Kolbars in Kurdistan

The latest on the reaction to the murder of Sirwan Azizi, Kurdish Kolbar, who was carrying several cartons of cigarettes in the Betush area in the outskirts of Sardasht, 250 activists in an open letter expressed their sympathy with Sirwan Azizi’s family and other Kolbar families who have lost their family members in recent years and condemn against killing of Kolbers by Iran's authorities...

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June 17, 2017

A Kolber shot, killed by Iranian border forces in Sardasht, +18

A Kurdish Kolber was shot, killed by the direct shoot of Iran’s military forces in the border region Sardasht, yesterday. On Wednesday, 15 June a group of Kolber (border couriers) was shot by Iran’s border forces in the Betush area in the outskirts of Sardasht and a kolber named Sirwan Azizi from Doltanchak village of Sardasht killed on the spot, a local source told Human...

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