Yesterday, April 16, a group of border businessmen and marketers in Baneh and Javanrood showed their protest to the closure of border crossings and Increasing the high customs costs by closing shops and opening of empty table in the street at Baneh Shahrdari Boulevard.

One of the protesters in the city of Baneh told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) this morning with that the closure of the bazaar and the peaceful gathering with the slogan of protest and dissatisfaction was immediately confronted by the law enforcement officers. During this conflict, two officers were beaten by protesters and transferred to the Baneh hospital.


According to this businessman, the authorities threatened to arrest the protesters in response to this beating and the protesters ended up gathering. Once the protest rally ended, the protesters decided to continue their protests and strike and, according to representatives of the protesters, all business centres and markets in Baneh will be shut down tomorrow at the same time.

Moreover, at the same time as the city of Baneh, a large part of the Javanrud City market was closed down in protest to the government’s decision to block borders and the high cost of clearing goods in addition to the authorities’ failure to fulfil their promise of solving the problems of marketers.

Earlier on Tuesday, April 04, a group of businessmen and marketers in Javanrood, Saghez and Marivan gathered in front of the governor’s building in protest to the blockade of border crossing.

Over the last three months since the closure of the unofficial borders, thousands of kolbars have lost their job while hundreds of shopkeepers have incurred huge losses due to the high cost of clearing the goods at the official borders.

Strike and protest images of border businessmen and marketers in Baneh and Javanrood