On Thursday evening, the police forces started shooting at the car in Dolatabad area in Kermanshah city as a result of which a 17-year-old child named Ashkan Azizi was killed on the spot and another child named Borhan Azizi was seriously injured.

A relative of Ashkan Azizi, who did not want to be identified told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network that ‘yesterday evening at around 7:00 PM, the police patrol of Dolatabad of Kermanshah chased a vehicle (Peugeot 405) under the pretext of not having a number plate and shot at them. Ashkan Azizi lost his life in this accident. Borhan Azizi, who was in the vehicle with Ashkan, was also seriously injured’.

“The vehicle’s number plate was displayed on the rear window of the vehicle but the two teenagers, who were both under 18, were frightened because they did not have a driving license,” the source said.

“The body of Ashkan Azizi has not been handed over to his family yet. Ashkan’s family has a lodged a complaint to Dolatabad police officers, but so far no explanation has been given.” the sours added.

Dolatabad in the west of Kermanshah city is one of the most populous and deprived areas with the majority Kurdish population of Yarsan and Sunni. Police have previously had a history of clashes with people and shooting civilians in the town, as well as in the neighbouring town of Dare Derej. Dolatabad is one of the areas in the city of Kermanshah that witnessed popular protests during the November 2019 during which at least five Kurdish civilians were shot and killed by government forces.