Khosrow Babavaladeyni, a 65-year-old prisoner sentenced to death for “premeditated murder”, was executed on 1 May in Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah, Kermanshah Province.

Babavaladeyni, a father of four from the village of Sarmaj Hosseinkhani in Harsin, Kermanshah Province, was arrested about 10 years ago and sentenced to death under the Islamic law of qisas, or retribution-in-kind, which gives the victim’s family the right to retaliate.

Reportedly, Babavaladeyni accused of killing someone during a dispute some 30 years ago. After living incognito for two decades in another province, he was arrested ten years ago and taken to Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah.

On the same day, the authorities at Dizel Abad Prison executed another prisoner, Ali Ashraf-Khani, on similar charges.