A group of lawyers in Bukan, West Azerbaijan province, have expressed their sympathy for Mahsa (Zhina) Amini‘s family and declared their readiness to accept the representation of the case until the final result is reached.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

In the deplorable economic situation and the collapse of social values, the suspicious and tragic death of Ms Mahsa Amini (Zhina) has not only hurt the feelings of the public and members of society, but also caused a wave of concern about the illegal behaviour of relevant institutions and, as a result, deprived the society in general and women in particular of sense of security.

“Security” as the main element of public welfare has been repeatedly emphasized in numerous national and international laws, which shows its importance as one of the most basic needs of human life. But blind violence, carried out under extra-legal circumstances, at different levels and places, without the perpetrators being prosecuted, has caused terror among women and the general public.

In this regard, we, a group of lawyers in the city of Bukan, while expressing our sympathy and condolences to the family of the deceased, condemn any illegal behaviour by any institution and organisation under any circumstances and emphasize and recommend compliance with legal and human rights principles and standards by all governmental units. We also declare our readiness to accept representation and any legal support for the deceased’s parents until the final result is reached.

1- Ebrahim Azizi
2- Jamal Ahmadnezhad
3- Arash Fatehi
4- Saman Kazemi
5- Ebrahim Ahmadian
6- Anvar Fard-Piyadeh
7- Fardin Bahrami
8- Sima Ghaderi
9- Parshang Salehi-Rad
10- Asrin Khaledi
11- Shirin Sharafi
12- Leila Khosravi
13- Hossein Saadi Moghadam
14- Shiler Fotouhi-Sara
15- Mansour Salehi
16- Massoud Kiani
17- Behrouz Kia
18- Keyvan Mamehpour
19- Hamid Ghaderpour
20- Yaghoub Mohammadpour
21- Motalleb Alavian
22- Payam Ghoreishi
23- Farzin Kochari Bukani
24- Shabnam Khezri
25- Hassan Dimeh
26- Monireh Khezri
27- Salem Valipour
28- Behzad Maroufi
29- Shamal Maskani
30- Hemin Bahrami
31- Ebrahim Salamatinia
32- Matin Rahmannezhad
33- Narmin Hosseinikhah
34- Rabe’eh Zabihi
35- Shahla Hassanzadeh
36- Mansour Ghaaneh
37- Omid Rasoulzadeh
38- Yousef Faramarzi
39- Najmaddin Towhidi
40- Nasser Irani
41- Nishtiman Fathollahi
42- Hayat Katani
43- Mohammad Ranjbari
44- Serajoddin Taheri
45- Leila Ahmadi
46- Nahid Pashaei
47- Srwa Khezrpour
48- Delniya Mohammad-Sharifi
49- Jamshid Ebrahimi
50- Rahim Sanaati
51- Fariba Hosseini
52- Nasser Ebrahimi
53- Yahya Mowloudi
54- Chiman Zarifi
55- Avin Godarzi
56- Mohammad Towhidi