Rada Fatehi, the sister of one of the victims of the recent anti-government protests in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, was summoned in the past few days to Branch 101 of the city’s Criminal Court on the accusation of “disturbing public order and peace”.

Security forces previously arrested Fatehi in Sanandaj on 14 October 2022, a day after her brothers, Ramin Fatehi and Wrya Fatehi were detained.

On 21 October, the office of the Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj told the Fatehi family that their son Ramin Fatehi had “committed suicide” and lost his life in the detention centre of the ministry.

The family denied the intelligence ministry’s allegations, saying that he was killed under torture.

On the evening of 21 October, the body of the Kurdish civilian was secretly buried without the presence of his family members in the Behesht-e Mohammadi cemetery in Sanandaj.

On 3 November, Rada Fatehi and Wrya Fatehi were released on a bail of 20 billion rials – nearly 40,000 USD – from Sanandaj prison after spending 21 days in custody.