More than five months have passed since the arrest of eight Kurdish civilians in Bukan, West Azerbaijan Province, and Baneh, Kurdistan Province, raising concerns about their well-being and the lack of information about their situation.

The detainees, including Aboubakr Mamzadeh, Ahmad Mamzadeh, Javanmard Mam-Khosravi, Soran Ghassemi, Jalil Mowloudi, Rizgar Baba-Miri, Kaveh Salehi, and Pezhman Soltani, were taken to the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan Province, where they were subjected to physical and psychological torture in order to extract forced confessions.

While Soran Ghassemi and Ahmad Mamzadeh were allowed a brief meeting with their families a few weeks ago, the other detainees have been denied the right to visits and communication with their loved ones since their arrest.

Despite ongoing efforts by their families to obtain information about their condition, there has been no update on their status.

Furthermore, lawyers have been denied access to their cases by the Bukan Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office.

The eight detainees were reportedly transferred to the quarantine ward of Orumiyeh Central Prison some time ago, but were subsequently returned to the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre.

Ahmad Mamzadeh, Soran Ghassemi, Pezhman Soltani, and Kaveh Salehi were arrested in Bukan and Aboubakr Mamzadeh was arrested in a village near Bukan on 15 April.

Additionally, Rizgar Baba-Miri and Jalil Mowloudi were apprehended by security forces in Bukan on 16 April, while Javanmard Mam-Khosravi was taken into custody in the border areas of Baneh on 27 April.