The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has been holding two Kurdish civilians Kaveh Sharifi and Shwan Sheikha in detention since 30 June and refuses to give information regarding their situation to their families.

The two Kurdish civilians have been denied visits and telephone calls with their families since their detentions.

A source that spoke to the KHRN about the two civilians said: “Shwan Sheikha, a computer engineer, and Kaveh Sharifi were arrested on 30 June for unknown reasons by intelligence forces of the IRGC. After their arrest, the two were transferred to one of the detention centres of this security-military institution and have been, so far, deprived of the right to contact their families or receive visits.”

According to the source, after follow-ups by the families of the two civilians, the Intelligence Organisation of the IRGC confirmed their detention but so far has not provided information about the charges against them or where they were being held.