Iranian security forces arrested at least 14 students, six female and eight male students, in the past weeks in Javanrud, Kermanshah province, and took them to the detention centre of the Police in charge of Supervision over Public Facilities and Locations (known as Amaken in Persian).

A source that spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said students named Kimia Ali-Moradi, Sondos Yaghoubi, Hiro Nouri, Elina Ranjbar, Raha Sabouri, Sara Karami and Soran Azizi were released on bail in the past days.

Three other students named Mohammad Mohammadzad, Iman Kakakhani and Amanj Ghassemi were sent to the Juvenile Detention Centre of Kermanshah.

This source added that the female students were detained for several hours and then all of them were released on bail.

According to the source, after the male students were transferred to the detention centre of the Amaken police, they were kept in the detention facility of the institution for about six hours.

After being beaten and disrespected, they were transferred to the Juvenile Detention Centre of Kermanshah.

In the end, the source added that the number of arrested students in Javanrud was more than 14, but due to the pressure of security institutions on their families, there is no accurate information about their fate.