Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Islamic Republic of Iran Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) has turned the Kurdish cities such as “Kosalan” and “Shaho” in the Saravabad, Paweh and Kamyaran into a military garrison through deploying massive military convoys.

“Since the beginning of May, IRGC have deployed extensive military convoys and equipment to the villages around Marivan and the mountains of Kosalan and Shaho on the pretext of the presence of Kurdish opposition parties.”, One of the villagers told KHRN.

According to this source, not only there are an increasing number of helicopters and detection aircrafts of IRGC manoeuvring around Marivan but also these forces bombard every region where the Kurdish opposition forces are likely to exist. At the end of June, part of the forests of the Ney village of Marivan burnt in fire due to being bombarded by the IRCC forces.

Several villagers engaged in animal husbandry in the protected areas of Kosalan and Shaho have, told KHRN that the Revolutionary Guards based in the newly established military centres in these areas aimlessly target the frontier elevations daily which has reportedly horrified the villagers engaged in animal husbandry in the area and climbers.

One of these people also said that they were pressured and threatened by IRGC to inform IRCC’s military centres of any activity of the Kurdish opposition parties in the area.