The death sentence of Daniel Diwani-Azar from Mahabad, who had previously been sentenced to retaliation (execution) for the murder of Sadegh Barmaki, was carried out in Miandoab Prison on the morning of December 09.

The other defendant in this murder charge, 23-year-old Kamal Asghari, was executed in Mahabad Prison earlier on December 07.

Daniel Diwani-Azar was arrested in September 2017 along with Kamal Asghari and Daniel Zein al-Abedin on the charge of the premeditated murder of Sadegh Barmaki. He was sentenced to death by the Mahabad Criminal Court. This sentence was upheld in November 2018 by Branch 37 of the Supreme Court.

Daniel Zein al-Abedin, one of the defendants in this case who was under the age of 18 at the time of his arrest, died in April during a riot in Mahabad Prison as a result of torture by security forces.