Iran executed today two woman prisoners named Soheila Abedi and Faranak Beheshti in the central prisons of Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, and Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province.

The two prisoners were previously sentenced to death on the charge of “premeditated murder”.

On 26 July, the Abedi and Beheshti were moved to solitary cells for the execution of their sentences.

Abedi, 33, had become a child bride at the age of 15 and was arrested in 2014 on the charge of “premeditated murder” of her husband. She was sentenced to “retribution in kind” (qisas).

Abedi comes from Bijar in Iran’s northwestern Kurdistan province.

Beheshti was arrested about five years ago on the charge of “premeditated murder” of her husband and was also sentenced to “retribution in kind” (qisas).

Beheshti comes from Takab in West Azerbaijan province.