At least seven civilians have been killed and dozens injured in Marivan city during a day of anti-government protests following a sudden increase in petrol price continued in a number of Kurdish cities and in various cities across Iran.

Adnan Hassanpour, a journalist living in Marivan, told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that “the protests began peacefully in the city but were violently attacked by police and security forces.”

 “The unprecedented violence was inflicted by law enforcement and security forces who have been shooting at people since yesterday,” Hassanpour added while rejecting rumours about armed clashes and protesters being disarmed by police.

As a result of the Iranian security forces’ shootings, seven civilians were killed in Marivan on 16 November. Meanwhile, one to four others have reportedly lost their life in Marivan in addition to a civilian in Sanandaj on 17 November. Moreover, dozens of civilians were also injured, some of whom were taken to Bou Ali and Fajr Marivan hospitals. Another injured citizen is being treated at home because he fears of being identified and detained if transferred to the hospital,” Hassanpour added.

“In the wake of the unrest, 10 bank branches, two petrol stations and one of the Ofogh Korosh chain store, which many citizens believe it belongs to the military and security institutions, have been set on fire by protesters. Some other petrol stations were only demolished rather than being set on fire due to their proximity to residential neighbourhoods. Protestors also raided on several banks. Moreover, protestors pulled destroyed the leaflets and banners of security agencies in the cities of Sanandaj and Marivan. Furthermore, the telephone lines were constantly interrupted,”  Hassanpour continued while referring to the citizen’s outrage across the city of Marivan.

Different cities in Kurdistan, along with other cities in Iran, were witnessing rallies in protest to the sudden increase in petrol price. The magnitude of the repression and violence perpetrated by security and police forces in the cities of Marivan, Javanrud, Sanandaj and Kermanshah was greater than in other cities.