Reports from Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) sources indicate that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military-security forces continue to maintain their presence with light and semi-heavy weapons at the entrances to Saqqez, Kurdistan Province, and Bukan, West Azerbaijan Province, closely monitoring the movements of civilians.

In both cities, these security forces and special police units remain prominently positioned in the streets and main squares.

In addition, the first anniversary of the deaths of Reza Lotfi and Fereydoun Mahmoudi was not commemorated as expected in Saqqez and Dehgolan, Kurdistan Province, due to pressure from the security forces.

In Dehgolan, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces blocked all roads leading to the town’s cemetery, preventing people from visiting Reza Lotfi’s grave.

IRGC surveillance drones were also seen patrolling the skies over Dehgolan and monitoring the area around the deceased’s home.

Reza Lotfi and Fereydoun Mahmoudi lost their lives on 19 September 2022 during the anti-government protests in Dehgolan and Saqqez, after being shot by IRGC forces.

In addition, the family of Erfan Khazaei, one of the victims of the anti-government protests in Shahriar, Tehran Province, reported that the memorial ceremony for their loved one did not take place.

Security officials threatened the family, claiming that they did not have the right to hold a memorial for their son, the KHRN has learned.

Khazaei, from Kangavar, Kermanshah Province, and a resident of Shahriar, was killed by gunfire from military security forces during anti-government protests in Shahriar on 21 September 2022.

In a continuing pattern of pressure on the families of victims, Zana Fattahi, the son of Jawhar Fattahi, one of the victims of the protests in Javanrud, Kermanshah Province, was summoned by the IRGC’s intelligence organisation in the city.

Fattahi’s Instagram account was also restricted by the interrogators of this military-security institution.

Jawhar Fattahi, a resident of Javanrud, lost his life on 21 November 2022 during the anti-government protests in the city after being shot by IRGC forces.