Kurdish film director Kaywan Karimi has been sentenced to six years behind bars and 223 lashes by the branch 28 of Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran on 10 October, an human rights activist based in the capital told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The court had sent an official letter to inform his lawyer of the sentence given to the film director, and the letter had said that the defendant had 30 days to appeal the court’s decision.

Otherwise, without any appeals, the court’s decision would be implemented, the source said.

Karimi was first arrested on 13 FebruKEyvan Karimiary 2013 at 0700 local time and he was released on bail after he was interrogated and kept in solitary confinement at the notorious Awin prison (Evin prison) for 12 days.

He had since attended 12 court sessions, and the last court session he attended was held on 22 September this year.