Alireza Sepahi Laine, the well-known Kurdish journalist and poet from Northern Khorasan, was released on bail from Vakil Abad prison in Mashhad on Saturday, December 09.

“On Saturday at 9:00 AM, Mr. Laine, who had been on dry hunger strike since December 06, was released from Vakilabad prison in Mashhad on a bail of twenty million Tomans.” An informed source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

“Mr Laine, who is suffering from diabetes, fortunately, ended his dry hunger strike with the pressure of his family and friends who after bailed him out. If his release was not possible, the continuation of his dry hunger strike would have had irreparable consequences for his health. “the source added.

“Sepahi published an article in the social media titled “Ignorance, more powerful than a flood”. This article was not addressed to a particular person and merely a protest to general public’s ignorance. But the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Kalat Revolution considered it as instances of propaganda and disturbing public opinion. “, the source said about the reason for this summons and arrest of the Kurdish journalist in Khorasan province.

Alireza Sepahi Laine was previously arrested by security forces on July 30, 2011, on charges of cooperating with an opposition party Kurdish forces. He was detained in Mashhad Intelligence Detention centre but released on bail after spending 7 months in Vakil Abad Prison.

In February 2013, he was sentenced by the Revolutionary Court of Mashhad (Branch 3) to 11 months imprisonment in addition to five years of deprivation of cultural activity and fines. He filed an appeal in Branch 20 of the Court of Appeals (at Khorasan Province) which acquitted him of the charges in July 2013.

After being acquitted of the charges, the political prisoner addressed a touching letter to public opinion regarding his long wait for justice and the hurdles he had experienced while announcing that he had been acquitted of the charges.