In recent weeks, Kamyaran Intelligence Services has summoned the families of dozens of political and civil activists living abroad and interrogated them about their children’s activities.

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), Kamyaran Intelligence Services has summoned the family of activists living abroad to its headquarters telephone calls and asked them to persuade their children to return to Iran.

Interrogators have put pressure on the family of civil and political activists to provide information about their children’s details including their address and telephone number. They have also told the activists’ family that their child should not participate in any political activity against the Islamic Republic in any country.

“Since the victory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Intelligence Services in Kurdistan have been putting continuing pressure on the families whose children are involved in civil and political activities and live abroad in an attempt to stop them from their involvement in such activities”, an informed source told KHRN.

According to the source, during the past years, members of the family of people whose children have joined the Kurdish parties opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kurdistan have been under increasing interrogation and pressure. In some cases, the families of these activists have been even forced to travel to Iraqi Kurdistan to return their children.