Despite two months after recent Iran protests, the fate of a Kurdish student and a citizen of Orumiyeh is still uncertain. They are still under temporary arrest, held in difficult conditions in ward 13 youth section of the Orumiyeh Central Prison. Moreover, a heavy sentence is expected for detained student activist as he is charged with blasphemy (insulting the prophet).

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), Matin Khalidi,(from Orumiyeh) and Ibrahim Mohammadpour from Sardash and a former student at Orumiyeh University) – both detained at ward 13 of the Orumiyeh Central Prison- hare being threatened and abused by ordinary prisoners.

These two citizens were arrested by security forces in Orumiyeh on December 14 during the protests in Orumiyeh and they were transferred to the Orumiyeh Security Detention Centre.

“Both citizens were transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison from the detention centre after a few days of interrogation and they are now held in ward 13 (Youth Section) of the Orumiyeh Central Prison in difficult situation and without access to a bed and basic facilities.”, a reliable source told KHRN.

“The case against both detainees have been filed at Branch 3 of the interrogation Office and sent to Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court for a ruling,” the source added.

“Ibrahim Mohammadpour is expected to receive a heavy sentence due to the alleged discovery of blasphemous content against prophet in his cell phone when arrested.”, the source continued.

According to Article 262 of the Islamic Penal Code, insulting Prophet Muhammad with lead to a death sentence which will be reduced to 74 lashes per Article 264 of the same code if the defendant confesses to the court that he/she had made offensive statements based on anger, mistake or by way of reference to a quotation.

During national protests in different cities of Iran, a number of protesters were arrested, The majority of these detainees were released later on bail but some of them are still in prison due to being in temporary arrest or the inability to submit the bail.