Only a few days after the Pomegranate Festival in Hawraman (Oraman) was criticised by Imam of Paveh Friday Prayer and websites affiliated with the conservatives, this festival was cancelled in Biangan region of the Paveh city due to the pressures of the security agencies.

In this regard, a resident of the Biangan of Paveh told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that the pomegranate festival had to be cancelled due to disapproval of Mullah Ghader Ghaderi (the representative of the Supreme Leader in Paveh) and IRGC although the local people and visitors from other cities of Iran had enjoyed this magnificent festival in Bayangan in the past several years.

In this regard, the organiser of this festival (the Cooperative Company of Bingan Nik Andishan) announced that the Pomegranate Festival, which was scheduled to take place on Nov 9, 2018, had been cancelled due to the criticisms of this festival and lack of serious motivation among Paveh executive authorities.

It should be noted that, during the sermon of Friday Prayer on Oct 19, Mullah Ghader Ghaderi (the Imam of Friday Prayer and representative of the Supreme Leader in Paveh) had seriously criticised holding this festival on Oct 18, and 19 in the two villages of Navo and Selin (Oraman district of Sarav Abad). “These programs, in which both girls and the boys attend and cause problems, have just become fashionable with the establishment of the current government”, Mullah Ghader Ghaderi had said in this regard.