Omid Shahmohammadi, a teacher from Diwandareh and a member of Teachers ‘Association, who was arrested after the second round of teachers’ sit-in in Iran on Monday 12 November 2018, still remains under interrogation at Intelligence detention centre of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Sanandaj.

A reliable source has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that, despite the fact that the security of the Diwandareh Education Department had repeatedly reported the release of the detained teacher, his release has been postponed every time.

According to this source, Mr Shahmohammadi has been able to call his family once and inform them that he had been held at the IRGC detention facility of Sanandaj under interrogation.

The IRGC agents raided the house of Omid Shahmohammadi on Monday, November 12 without a warrant while seizing some of his personal belongings before transferring him to the IRGC Detention Centre in the city of Diwandareh.

Omid Shahmohammadi, with 20 years of teaching experience as a biology teacher in Diwandareh, has been also involved in promoting book reading in addition to his guild activities.

Since the beginning of the new academic year, teachers have been greatly under the pressure in the run-up to two sit-ins of teachers in Iran and 10 Kurdish teachers have been summoned and interrogated by security agencies over the past two months.

The arrested teacher also owns the library of Zanko in Diwandareh