A group of retired employees of the Telecommunication Company of Iran took to the streets in Kermanshah, Kermanshah Province, today to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with their living conditions and to press for the resolution of various issues.

The protests were not limited to Kermanshah, as similar demonstrations by retired telecom workers took place simultaneously in several cities across the country.

The main demands of the pensioners include the full enforcement of the 2010 labour and staff regulations, the resolution of healthcare issues and consideration of their livelihoods and trade union demands.

In a parallel development, disabled people staged a protest in front of the State Welfare Organisation building in Kermanshah.

According to the Disabled’s Campaign, “A group of disabled people staged a protest this morning in front of the State Welfare Organisation building in Kermanshah to protest the non-implementation of Article 27 of the Disabled Persons Law.

Article 27 requires the government to provide a minimum annual wage to persons with severe or very severe disabilities who are unemployed and without income, in addition to allocating the necessary budget funds through annual national budget laws. However, this law has yet to be fully implemented.