In recent weeks, a large number of civil, political, labour, and women activists in Sanandaj, including Simin Chaichi- poet and women’s rights activist- Seyyed Khaled Hosseini and Mozafar Salehania- labour activists and members of the Coordinating Committee for the creation of labour organisations- have been summoned and interrogated by the security agencies affiliated with the Intelligence Ministry, IRGC and the Law Enforcement Force.

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), several activists have been summoned and questioned about their activities and the possibility of holding celebrations on the occasion of the March 8th and Newroz(Nowruz) in Sanandaj. Some of these activists have been also threatened that they did not have a right to hold or even participate in the ceremony.

May 1, March 8th and the Newroz are the special historic occasions held in various forms in Sanandaj and its surrounding regions. Every year before and after the ceremony, many Kurdish activists are summoned, interrogated and even arrested in order to prevent holding such celebrations and events.

Meanwhile, KHRN has been informed that a number of activists have been questioned about their affiliation with Kurdish members of the National Unity Party and Kurdish activists who have been detained in Sanandaj in recent months.

Since December, 20 people have been detained in connection with this party or the environmental activities in Kurdistan. So far, only two of these detainees have been released on bail and the rest of them are still in detention.