Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A group of civil activists were arrested in Marivan by law enforcement forces following a peaceful protest to end violence against women on May 16, 2019.

“The violence against women has been intensified recently, they are either killed by their relatives or by unknown people. For hundreds of years, women have fallen victim to male-dominated cultures and they are being subjected to this culture every moment of everyday. “, the activists had written in their open statement. The call for the peaceful protest came from the Marivan civil activists from all walks of life and social groups such as women, students and etc, who participated in this peaceful move to condemn violence against women.

“In the past few days, some of the defenders of women’s rights and civil activists in Marivan have called for the people on Thursday, May 16, to gather at the grave of one Victim of Marivan, “Narmin Vatnkhah” who was recently killed by unknown individuals and for unknown reasons, at the cemetery of the village of Koolan near Marivan Ross at 16:30. “, one of the activists participating in the protest told KHRN:


According to this source, after the efforts of the activists to participate in the gathering, law enforcement agencies have been trying to prevent people from entering the village, by threatening and exerting pressure on them while taking the identification cards and seizing the vehicles of the participants.

The source further said that after the activists’ insistence to hold the rally, the security forces arrested some of them.

Seven of the arrested activists has been identified so far: Diman Fathi, Mojdeh Mardokhi, Hama Danesh, Hamid Ghobadi, Hemen Kani Sanani, Kawyar Khishkar, and Somayeh Roozbeh.

It is said that Hamid Ghobadi has been released after an hour, but there is still no information on the fate of other detainees.

According to this source, despite the collision of law enforcement forces, some activists gathered at one of the cemeteries near Marivan managed to achieve the aim of their gathering by holding signs and reading their final statement in the condemnation of various forms of violence against women.

It should be noted that in recent months, in addition to increasing suicide among women in various cities of Kurdistan, 15 young women have been murdered by their families under the pretext of defending honor. In the latter case, two Sanandaj sister-in-law, “Surah Amani” in the Naysar neighborhood of Sanandaj, were murdered by their fathers and brothers on May 8, 2019. Moreover, a young woman was killed by unknown people on Saturday and her body was discovered by local people.