The central selection board of the department of education in Kurdistan province, linked to the intelligence organisation, has dismissed Mohammad Mansouri, a Kurdish member of a Quran School, from his teaching job in the Naysar Vocational School in Sanandaj, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

A selection procedure – known as “Gozinesh” – is usually carried out for state officials and employees in Iran by selection boards linked to the intelligence units, requiring them to demonstrate their allegiance to the Islamic Republic of Iran. This procedure creates discrimination and prohibits religious and ethnic minorities from participating in civil life.

The Quran School confirmed the news on its official website and condemned the dismissal of its member, who has been teaching in Naysar Vocational School for six years.

It said that Mansouri has appealed against his dismissal through legal means for the past year. Despite the follow-ups and referral of his appeal to the Court of Administrative Justice, his dismissal order has been upheld in recent days.