Iranian police have shot and killed two Yarsani Kurdish civilians near a village in Dalahu, in the western province of Kermanshah, on 14 March.

The bodies of the two civilians named Sourat Sayyadi and Pourya Rezaei were taken to the department of forensic medicine in Sarpol-e-Zahab in Kermanshah province and have not been returned to their families yet.

A source who spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said: “At noon on Sunday [on 14 March], in the mountainous area of Mla Saraneh, near the Babayadegar religious site in the village of Zardeh, in Dalahu district, police laid an ambush on the pretext of catching smuggled goods. They opened fire on the occupants of a car that had stopped and gotten off near the site. As a result of it, Sourat Sayyadi and her son Pourya Rezaei, 24, were killed.”

The source added that, due to the pressure of the security institutions on the family of the victims, no further details have been obtained their killing.

In addition, law enforcement officials made the delivery of the body conditional on the reconstruction of the scene of the shooting by the driver of the car.

The killed mother and son were residents of Kamran-e Rahman village of Dalahu.