On February 28, two Kurdish kolbars were wounded by direct shootings of border guards in Baneh.

“On February 28, a group of the Kolbars in the village of Nanur was targeted by Baneh’s border guards at afternoon. A kolbar called Fereydoun and resident of Sa’ad Abad village, suffered serious injuries in his chest and kidney while another Kolbar called Kaveh Rashidi, from the village of Sarkat-e-Zin, suffered sever injured in his leg.” A Kolbar told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

According to this source, “Nanur” Police station did not allow the transfer of the two kolbars to Baneh Hospital, and as a result, these injured kolbars were taken to the Panjwin Hospital of Iraqi Kurdistan for treatment.

“Due to the critical condition of the two injured kolbars, they were later taken to a hospital in Sulaimaniyah.”, the source added.

Currently, more than 20 thousand Kolbars work in different regions of Kurdistan. At least 42 Kurdish Kolbars and tradesmen have been killed in 2016 alone by the direct shooting of Iranian border security forces according to KHRN’s 2016 annual report on Kulber workers. Moreover, 30 others Kulbars have been wounded by gunfire while 32 other Kolbars have lost their life or been injured due to accidents and natural disasters when carrying goods this year.