Branch 113 of the Criminal Court Two in Orumiyeh, in north-western Iran, last week sentenced Fakhraddin Ebrahimi, son of the executed Kurdish political prisoner Mohyeddin Ebrahimi, to one year in prison and two years of suspended imprisonment.

The court charged Ebrahimi, 22, with “damaging the windows of the Appeals Court’s security door”.

The civilian was tried in April without the right to a lawyer and was informed of the court’s decision last week.

Following Ebrahimi’s appeal against the sentence, the case was referred to the provincial court of appeal.

On 16 March, Ebrahimi was beaten and detained by prison guards after going to Orumiyeh Central Prison for a final visit with his father before the execution.

He was released the next day after his father, Mohyeddin Ebrahimi, was executed that morning.

The security services have so far refused to hand over the body of the Kurdish political prisoner, claiming that he was “buried in a safe place”.

After two weeks of following up with the courts and civil registry offices in Orumiyeh, Oshnavieh and Naqadeh, the family finally received a death certificate for the executed political prisoner at the Naqadeh civil registry office.

The death certificate stated that the cause of death was “legal punishment”.