Abdullah Shariati, the Sunni prisoner denied medical care and medical leave (furlough) in his sixth years of his imprisonment and He has faced severe health and physical issues during detention.

A source close to Shariati family told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): It is Almost three years that Abdullah is suffering from numerous diseases like asthma, herniated disc, ruptured cervical disc, as well as hemorrhoids (internal bleeding). Due to denial medical care, the situation of the prisoner gets worse every day so that during the past two months he has had lie down on the bed all the time and not be able to move much.

The prison clinic emphasised that his left hand muscle is shortening and the pain in his left leg has spread. The persistence of the disease and lack of medical care, will follow the risk of paralysing for him, according to the source.

Abdullah Shariati, is a 29-year-old, married and a resident of Sanandaj. He was newly married at the time of arrest, and has a two-year-old son called Mohammed. His father died of colon cancer in 2012 and his mother, suffering from severe stress because of the death of her two children last year and also the health condition of Abdullah in prison.

The religious prisoners was arrested along with his brother, Arash Sharifi in Sanandaj by security forces in July 2011. He was held in the detention center of the Sanandaj Intelligence Office for a year and was tortured and confessed to belonging to Salsify groups. Earlier, his brothers Kaveh Sharifi was arrested on October 2009.

After a year, the religious prisoner transferred to prisons in Karaj in July 2012. Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, Chaired by Judge Moghiseh sentenced him to ten years’ imprisonment in May 2014, on charges of fighting against God (Moharebeh), without access to a lawyer.

The source added that the main reason for Abdullahs’ detention and sentence was putting pressure on two other brothers for getting confessions. Eventually, two his other brothers were sentenced to death on charges of fighting against God and were executed along with 23 other prisoners Sunni in Karaj prison in Aug 1, 2016.

The religious prisoner and his family have demanded an investigation about the condition of Abdullah Shariati from Ms. Asma Jahangir, the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, the United Nations and Amnesty International.