Fourteen political and religious prisoners detained in the political ward of Orumiyeh Central Prison have ended their hunger strike after meeting with two judges of Orumiyeh Judiciary. These prisoners had gone on a hunger strike in protest to the non-implementation of a double urgency plan to reduce their imprisonment sentence.

On December 09, 14 political prisoners named Aran Tibash, Dara Rashidi, Hossein Osmani, Salar and Ebrahim Khalil Siddiq Hamdani along with 9 other religious prisoners named Javad Yousefi, Behzad Abbasi, Seyed Aram Amin Al-Islamzadeh, Farooq Lavashki, Mohsen Zahrestan, Khosro Zarestan, Mohammad Hosseinpour, Tawfiq Abdollahi, Iraj Sufi, announced their dry hunger strike, calling for the implementation of the double urgency plan to reduce imprisonment.

A reliable source confirmed the news to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) on December 10, and stated that “today at 9 am, the judge in charge of the prison and the judge of Branch 9 of the Enforcement of the Sentences met with the political and religious prisoners on strike and promised to help them after reviewing their cases and their demands.”.
According to the source, the prisoners ended their hunger strike after the two judges agreed to consider their demands.

According to Article 7 of the plan, “in crimes against the internal and external security of the country, if the perpetrator cooperates effectively in detecting the crime and identifying other defendants, the suspension of part of the sentence is unimpeded.”

It is said that this plan has not been implemented for political and religious prisoners in Orumiyeh Central Prison.