Following the recent conflict between a group of Grila of the Democratic Society and Free of East of Kurdistan (KODAR) and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Friday, Sept 7, 2018 near the village of Pirbagh of Kamyaran, reports indicate tight security measures in the region. During the conflict, three of the four members of the KODAR were killed but one of members managed to escape the blockade of the forces. A large number of forces have been deployed to the site of the conflict and the areas leading to the Shaho and Kosalan Mountains in search of the last member of the team while controlling the citizens through security checkpoints. According to reports, during the past few days, the mountain area of Kosalan has been under severe artillery attacks.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that the special forces of IRGC, transferred from neighbouring provinces to the headquarters of Beitolmoghadas in Sanandaj over the past two months, have been deployed to Zhevarud areas from Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Sarvabad, Mariwan and Paveh provinces during the past few weeks. There was a clash between these forces and four members of the KODAR in Kamyaran on Friday, Sep 7.

In this regard, several witnesses in the villages of Sariz, Dazhen and Sivyeh from the Kamyaran in a have told KHRN that the Special Forces of IRGC have used an unmanned aerial vehicle for identifying the whereabouts of the four members of KODAR.

According to the witnesses, during the clash, three of the four members of the KODAR lost their life while one of them managed to escape from the blockade. In order to find another member of the team, the IRGC forces have burned the oak trees in the area.

Moreover, the IRGC forces have blocked all routes to the area so far and prevented residents from travelling freely to the area. During these actions, the forces of the IRGC located in the villages around SarvAbad have severely attached the mountainous areas of Kosalan from SarvAbad of Marivan,by artillery which resulted in burning a large part of the range lands and trees in the mountainous region to be fired.

In addition to the clashes, a major strike in various Kurdish cities in protest to the execution of four Kurdish political prisoners as well as the IRGC attack on Kurdish Parties in Koy Sanjaq has led to severe security measures in various parts of Kurdistan. The military maneuvering in the cities of Marivan and Paveh was one of the measures of the IRGC forces to create fear in the region.