The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp, in coordination with the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has turned the Kurdish cities such as Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Shaho, Paweh, Mariwan and Sarwabad into a military garrison through dispatching massive military convoys from neighbouring provinces during the recent weeks.

Findings of Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) indicate that, following a massive strike in the bazaar of various cities of Kurdistan on Sept 12, 2018 in protest to the execution of 4 political prisoners and the IRGC missile attack at the headquarters of the Kurdish parties in the Kurdistan region, IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence, the Revolutionary Guards have taken measures to militarise some parts of Kurdistan in order to neutralise “the plans of enemies to create insecurity in the country”. To this end, residents of the area have been banned from travelling to some mountainous areas.

In this regard, some residents of the villages around Shahu and Kuselan mountains have told KHRN that such massive presence of the IRGC forces equipped with heavy weapons has not been unprecedented in the past two decades.

One of the witnesses living in the village of Dioznaw (Sarwabad) told KHRN, that IRGC troops targeted the Shahu Mountain on Sept 13, 2018 for the first time with a short-range rocket, which hit the village cemetery and destroyed a large part of this graveyard.

The source further added that “the IRGC forces besieged the area following the blast and did not allow the villagers to approach the cemetery and left the area after collecting the remains of the missile.”

The Revolutionary Guards have announced that to residents of Shahu Mountains that they were banned from travelling to this area from Sept 29 to Oct 10.

IRGC troops have been deployed to all villages around Shahu Mountain in the cities of Paweh and Kamyaran and are planning to launch military operations with heavyweight military tank vehicles against the forces of Kurdish parties based in these areas.

Moreover, during the past week, special forces have been deployed to the main streets of Sanandaj and are patrolling in the form of mobile caravans seeking to increase the atmosphere of fear in the city.

In this regard, the IRGC troops have bombarded the Ariz mountain near the city on the pretext of conducting military manoeuvres by helicopter. In addition to the militarisation of Kurdistan, the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran has also summoned and interrogated dozens of Kurdish citizens from the cities and villages of Marivan, Kamyaran and Sanandaj in the past few weeks to the News Headquarters of the Intelligence Ministry in these cities.