One of the eight workers wounded at the Khorshid Zivar Station in Ahwaz on Monday night February 12 died of injuries in the hospital due to the explosion of gas cylinders.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that on Monday night, February 12, eight workers from Marivan called Adnan Saeedi, Zanyar Dardan, Atta Darashi, Abdul Rahman Karimi, Mohammad Yarosufi and two brothers Muhammad Karim and Ariz were wounded due to the explosion of gas cylinders at the Khorshid Zivar station in Ahwaz.

On February 25, one of the wounded workers called Atta Darshi died due to the severity of his injuries in Ahwaz Hospital.

Seven other wounded workers are still in Ahwaz Hospital while one of them is reportedly in a critical condition.